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Mama Motivation Podcast

Sheena Walenta

The podcast, Mama Motivation, was made to help and inspire women and mothers to build a life of joy and fulfillment with less overwhelm. Motherhood can be lonely at times; this podcast is like talking to girlfriends who have been through it all, we'll discuss self help, personal growth, mastering mindset, overcoming hurdles, sleepless nights, and so much more. We want to inspire and motivate moms to be the best version of themselves and to live a life of passion and purpose. It's a place where women of all walks of life can learn nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to help design the lives they desire. Whether your a mom to a newborn, your kids are leaving for college, you work, you stay at home - this podcast is for all moms. Embrace your messy, beautiful, life and learn how to enjoy every minute of it! Join Sheena and her guests, as they discuss anything and everything pertaining to motherhood and living a fulfilling life!Sheena Walenta is a mom of two young boys, blogger and speaker, with a passion for physical and mental health & well-being. Her background is in non-profit work and corporate marketing. She's the creator of the online community, and this podcast while also maintaining a full-time corporate job. After having her first born, she felt isolated, lonely, and life felt heavy and dark. Now that she has learned the tools to come out the other side and live a life full of joy - she created this podcast where mothers come together and share all that they have learned to overcome everyday hurdles and live a life they can enjoy.

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